Private exhibit

The Tim Thomas Tanimas Gallery is a multimedia and live performance exhibit featuring a private collection of 25 large, fine art Tango images. The photographs are sized  30″x40″ (76cm x 103cm), dry mounted onto masonite, under glass, and wrapped in artist painted frames. The Tango photographs are presented as a robust metaphor observing a symphony of opposites coherently moving in unison.

Male verses female, light verses shadow, submission verses dominance, broken verses whole, soft verses hard, and separation verses union, etc.. Each visually demonstrated component provides context and meaning for the counterpart. Pain is fully understood in the context of relief. Shadows are impossible without light; and joy is fully experienced by one who has known grief.

We see love and hatred, companionship and loneliness. We see some raise their glasses in a toast, while destitute others, choke on a crust of bread. This exhibition observes polarities, recognizes the necessity of them, and points to the necessity of making sense of them in real to life constructs of human relationship.  Ultimately, it is a matter of observing, respecting, naming, and embracing these opposing forces, and employing the resultant energies in a balanced fashion to propel us poetically across the dance floor of our lives.

The fevered responses of so many people through-out the world to Tango, indicate the presence of a deep mystery worthy of contemplation in a dedicated gallery setting that plumbs the depths of body language spoken in the dance.  The foundation of the photographer’s work is based upon inquiries that trouble, and delight the heart. A lingering question of the heart, drives one to drink, write, paint, or start a war. We are surrounded by beauty and treachery, joy and sorrow, dreams fulfilled, and dreams destroyed.

The exhibition of this work seeks to inform viewers on at least two levels. First, the works are encountered evocatively at the physical level.  The photographer’s relentless photographic study of light and movement over the past ten years, has captured the fiery passion that animates tango’s dynamic human architecture in motion. Geometric human lines have been methodically drawn, and presented in a dense symphony of light, shadow and perspective.

The second level of encounter is a higher place of seeing in the mind, those things in the realm that transcend our dense physical existence. Each image is designed to touch places in the emotional body that are unseen, rarely understood, but nonetheless, poignantly felt.