Artist Bio

Timothy S. Thomas is a 52 year old photographer, known photographically, for his eye in composition, mastery of complicated dance lighting scenarios, and mature aesthetic judgment. He has an unrivaled ability to evoke the extraordinary from the ordinary.

During the last two decades, Mr. Thomas has traveled into 45 nations throughout the world, photographing nature, dance, aviation, and large business conventions. Tim Thomas was invited to serve as Director of Photography for the American Airlines CR Smith Museum, during it’s remodeling project in Ft Worth, TX, during 2006-2007.

Prior to his career as a photographer, Tim Thomas was  a 20 year veteran corporate and commercial pilot;  Presently Mr. Thomas is Captain, MD-80, for American Airlines, based in New York City.  Even more interestingly Tim Thomas was a corporate jet Captain for Aerosmith, Steven Spielberg, Nicolas Cage, and Harrison Ford.  In the early and mid 1980’s Tim Thomas toured the United States and Canada as a stage hand, and professional musician.  He did studio demo projects in Nashville, Tennessee, as a percussionist.

He has a Bachelor of Arts, Interdisciplinary degree in Communication, Psychology, and Theology. He utilizes his musical artistry and knowledge of human emotion, to meld music and visual images into powerful, large screen, state-of-the-art multi-media metaphors at large business conferences that stimulate and inspire at the most profound level.

In May of 2012, Tim Thomas completed a Tanimas photographic inquiry of the Tango.  The project spanned nearly ten years, and includes a data base of nearly thirteen thousand tango images of the world’s most beloved and famous performers (Super Stars of Dance, Argentina Tango, 2009, Miriam Larici and Leonardo Barrio Nuevo, Alejandra Hobart, and Adrian Veredice, Gustavo Naveira, Giselle Anne, Silvina Valz, and Oliver Kolker, Romina Levin, and Claudio Villagra, Guillermo Salvat, and Sylvia Grynt)

Tim Thomas has shown his work publicly, only once a year at the Deauville Hotel Resort, Miami Beach, Florida, each May, for the past four years. Despite intense interest in his work, from myriad academic and artistic institutions, no photographs have ever been gallery displayed, or sold.   The art is formatted 30×40 inch, black and white, pressure mounted to masonite with a fine linen texture finish.

Tim Thomas pioneered the development of Tanimas photography.  His unprecedented style employs geometry in the study of spatial order through the measure of relationships of form in the observation of cyclic movement, as referenced in the major intellectual disciplines of classical education.  Tim Thomas combines Plato’s recognition of geometry as the ideal philosophical language with Carl Jung’s Archetypal theories.   Tanimas is geometrically inspired angular play in photography. Methodically, it draws lines in light, and human form, to make recognizable,  Jung’s Archetypal energies, that arguably, inspire the whole of humanity across all time, language and cultures.  Immersing oneself, in Tim Thomas’ Tanimas photography is the experience of engaging the pure essence archetypal energies in the contemplation of geometric design.

In a powerful and ground breaking initiative on behalf of the United Nations, Tim Thomas was invited by his brother, Philip Thomas (Principal Moderator in high stakes conflicts) to create a Tanimas multi-media presentation for use during difficult negotiations in Afghanistan, and Somalia, and Kenya. The photographer crafted potent 5 minute multi-media presentations to penetrate the sub-terrain of the thinking mind.  The effect of  the presentations connected all in attendance, on the archetypal, or subconscious level of emotion.  This innovative method demonstrably leveraged and accelerated talks by connecting human beings at a level deeper than positions held in the mind.  Tanimas photography is powerful.